Shenzhen Tunsing Plastic Products Co., Ltd, professional hot melt adhesive film manufacture, founded in 2002.We have ISO 9001:2008,RoHS,REACH Report by SGS.

We equipment imported hot-melt adhesives modified grain production lines (underwater pelletizing), with an annual output of 2,000 tons. Four different hot melt adhesive film-coating line width (1.73 m, 1.5 m, 1.4 m, 1.1 m), an annual output of 12 million meters. Three sets of CNC cutting machine infrared automatic edge correction, a CNC cutting machine, high-speed laminating machine dedicated wrinkle-free set. Set granulation, film-forming, slitting the composite as a whole.


A high-density material bonding applications:

1, metal (stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, nickel, zinc plate, etc.) bonding.

2, plastic (ABS, fiberglass panels, resin panels, PVC, PC, PP, PE, etc.) bonding

low-density material bonding applications:

1 adhesive, textile fabrics (cotton, polyester, blends, Lycra, mutispandex, etc.) category, type of leather and other materials

2 adhesive, paper, wood and other materials

Commercial criterion: Offer the original solution for the sustainable development of Customers, building stable and sustained customer relationship.

Enviromental protection: Offer the practical and effective products and scheme for ourselves and clients, In order to meet the requirements of environmental.

Enterprising spirit: Innovation, Efficiency, Devotion

Corporate vision: Become a model enterprise based on commercial criterion and Business Ethics.

Corporate Mission: With a continued technological innovation, to improve manufacturing process and promote social progress.

Corporate values: Respect, Honest, Integrity.